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Free subscription to Astronomy Technology Today magazine


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I noticed this offer in the Australian astronomy forum Iceinspace.


Go to this link:- https://www.astronomytechnologytoday.com/?l=/sub_store/subscribe.asp


In the discount code field enter "club". It must be lower case and be done first.

In the Select Subscription field choose "Online access subscription $12".

Then you will be taken to the Subscription page.

Check that "discount for club-$12" is shown at the top of the page.

Enter the other necessary details...you should not need to enter any credit card details.

I have subscribed but have not read an issue thoroughly yet. Quite a few Iceinspace members have said it is very good.

You can read online or download pdf's and past issues are available.


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Thanks for that Ian - worked fine.


And just to say it was great meeting you a couple of weeks ago during our trip to Australia. We are 20,000 km apart but sharing the same issues in getting the superb but undocumented ASA kit to work consistently. I will redouble my efforts!

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Likewise Nigel. I have found myself a bit encouraged by our shared stories/experiences. I have not been able to access this forum for a while because of some  weird fault with my ISP but now I can I will email you so you have my address. 


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