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Warning to Pinpoint users about Win 10 Anniversary Update


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Hi all,

After letting the major Anniversary update for Win 10 run on my office laptop (which is identical to my observatory laptop) without any problems I then ran it on the observatory laptop.

On completion of the update Win 10 informed me that it had removed Pinpoint Astrometric Engine as it was incompatible with Win 10.

I thought this was a bit unexpected as there were no problems when I did the upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. Nevertheless that is what happened.

I have emailed DC3 Dreams about this and I will update you when I get a reply.


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Bit presumptuous of Microsoft to arbitrarily remove a 3rd party application without warning! They could possibly disable it starting, but removing it entirely is plain wrong.


I'm still considering whether to move to Win 10. My observatory runs on Win 7 and having achieved a stable configuration 18 months ago I've turned off auto updates (it's behind both a hardware and software firewall so I consider it safe).

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you have a flawlessly working system, so don't touch it. What will you get if updating to win10? Maybe problems and a idiotic userinferface and where are the benefits?




PS. switching off auto updates is also a good plan for a stable system.  :D

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I have received a reply from Bob Denny at DC3 Dreams which I quote below:-


"Pinpoint is compatible with Windows 10. However the anniversary update has done strange things to many software packages, pinpoint included. Rerun the pinpoint installer for repair after the anniversary update and it should run just fine. It might look like it's gone but it's still really there."


So it appears that it is not really a serious issue at all but simply annoying.


Frankly, despite all the concern which seems to be around, I have not had any serious issues with either Win 10 or it's updates.

One big advantage with the anniversary update is that it introduces the ability to tell Win 10 which hours of the day that you do not want it to install updates. There seem to be quite a few other improvements as well including a built in Linux shell. I don't understand this but I am told by Linux users that it will be useful.


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I had the same little 'problem' with W-10 and PinPoint. Re-installed PinPoint...problem gone.

Basically I am far happier with W10 than with all the other versions. To me this is the most stable version uptill now. And fast!

Even the FTDI 'issue' did not cause any problems on my laptop.


Windows 7 an 8 were a p.i.t.a. to me. I always thought XP was a lot better, but W10 works for me on all levels.



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