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Stock exchange : Hours in opposite hemisphere


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1/ Some members in this forum live in the southern hemisphere.

In some discussions, they write that some objects are not visible for them (too much in the North)


2/ Some members live in the north hemisphere.

They say the same thing, but in the South.


3/ Some members automated totally their observatory/setup to benefit from a good quality sky in some hundred km from their home.

It is expensive.


4/ Some people, as us European, set two weeks of their holidays in the other hemisphere (Namibia for us), to make subframes there.

It is expensive.


5/ Thanks to internet it is as well easy to pilot its telescope in 1 km, as an other one in 20.000km

It is free.


6/ It could be very exciting to photograph objects that we know only as legends.

But what we can never know otherwise of its life, that as a legend.


7/ Numerous configurations consist of DDM60 - DDM85 + ASA 10N - ASA 12N

The software are different, sometimes.


8/ How do you imagine a "stock exchange" of hours of photography, between opposite hemispheres?


To share it's to grow rich.

La Cebra :huh: 


The first one who corrects english of this message can send me it in private message, and indicating this below. (A single correction should be enough for me :D )

I shall replace it here. (I don't know how to do better :rolleyes: )

So, we shall already double the number of readers having understood this subject :lol: 

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Hi there,


good point! It could indeed be an interesting endeavour to exchange imaging hours. I guess that this would make mostly sense for those among us who have an automated setup. There should be some free/open source software around to organize something like this. I have no idea, however, how many could or want to cooperate in such an effort - my experience is that most people want to get the data but won't return anything...

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Yes, absolutely!


To move forward in a project:

1/ Put aside all constraints, difficulties, negative points (temporarily)

2/ Dedicate itself only to the advantages;

3/ Indeed, advantages cannot be invented!

4/ There is not enough advantages stop the project!

5/ If the advantages are rewarding, being enough for justifying the effort: list the constraints (only now)

6/ The constraints can beings by-passed (by an organization), while the advantages cannot be invented.

7/ Is the organization, to by-pass the constraints, justified with regard to the advantages?

8/ If not. Stop the project.

9/ If yes: Get to work!


At present, it is necessary to get ready mentally to accept the point 1 (the more difficult in all projects J).

Then, put down in writing elements of the point 2.


The point 3 is a report.


At the moment, useless to go farther: the advantages at first!


To you to say...


The first advantages that I can bring:

- I save 6 k€ by not going in Namibia during two weeks.

- I save up a 75€ / hour of rent of a good quality distant telescope.


Remark : I don't have an automated setup. This project is for you…


La Cebra

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