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Remote Observatory for sale


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Hi Guys,


after more than 4 years of use, and now having two young daughters, I came to the conclusion that I have not enough free spare time to use my observatories at their fullest. So I decided to sell my system which is currently hosted in Nerpio, Spain.


The system has the following components:

  • custom made 14,5" f3.6 Newton Scope (main mirror from Alluna)
  • ASA DDM85 mount on a bent pier
  • FLI Microline 16200 CCD camera, with Baader LRGB Ha7, O3 and S2 filters
  • Lodestar autoguider
  • QSC focuser
  • A new Intel i5 computer for controlling the whole system, with valid MaximDL, CCDAutoPilot5, FocusMax4 and PinPoint licenses
  • A Pan-tilt webcam to check the system if needed
  • one ethernet controlled power plug to power on/off the single components of the system
  • A small rack with all power adapters and the computer itself, with a small display and keyboard in case there is a need for locally working on the system

As I said, the whole system is working flawlessy and is located in the Astrocam remote observatories. Depending on the weather, the seeing is often very good to excellent (my personal best being several nights with 1.0" FWHM), mostly in the 1.3"-1.8" FWHM range. Their support is also very good, but - of course - it comes at a cost of monthly payments, which I happily paid but by using the system less and less might now become useless for me. I would be happy to find somebody who knows what he would get into - especially dealing with ASA mounts  :) - and able to use the system at its fullest.



I would be happy to show the capabilities of the system over a remote session, if there is any interest. If you have more questions please drop me a PM or email. I didn't specify a price as I am open to proposals.




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