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pinning of cable


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I need urgent the pinning/wiring between connector to ok3 and controlbox (8 wires)


thanks and greetings


Waldemar... Did you get the right pinning between OK3 focuser and the control Box?. I need it also..If you got it..Could tou sent it to me?.

I´m experiencing problems with mine and need also this information, Thanks in advance!


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This diagram is derived from  measurements I did on my OK3 lead. I cannot answer for the OK3Z, and because I have no idea what getting it wrong might cause, I think you should ask ASA before doing anything.




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Hi all,

I'm also interested in the wiring of the control-box. I would like to use the control-box for driving another focuser (not ASA).

@Antonio: Did ASA answered your question? Please let me know.

@Mark & prinzpaul: Do you still have the diagram? I can't find it in this thread.

Thanks and regards,


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