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Observation planning / request for testers


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Hi guys,


in the last weeks I have been eagerly working on a particular system for my observatory. In short words I wanted to be able to manage my observations using an online system, no matter if using a computer or a smartphone. Having a few telescopes to feed with work is not always easy, so I implemented a multiuser approach.

Basically, one can register himself on the system, insert observation requests, and then the single observatories will fetch the requests and start imaging them at an appropriate time: We have a simple scheduler taking care to avoid the moon when requested and so on.


Now, as with all software related things, I would need some thorough testing of the whole thing. So if any of you is interested, please go to https://skygems-remoteobservatories.com and sign up (it's free of course) and play around with the system. Kindly let me know if something is off, of course  ;)

The images taken during this beta phase will be uploaded for your convenience and you can use them. Maybe I could also implement an open interface to any personal observatory if that would be useful (the coding behind it is not that difficult, I guess).




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