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British Referendum


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Almost certainly it was a very bad decision. Certainly in the scientific arena ut raises a lot of funding issues. My son will be looking for PhD funding next year, currently mostly from EU agencies. During the 2 year BREXIT negotiations I can't see many UK students getting EU money and the UK agencies won't have new money yet. His girlfriend's dad is a chemistry professor whose projects are all EU collaborations and their future is very uncertain.


I don't trust a UK government to properly fund science. They don't have the vision.

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Hi George,



Now I am ashamed.

You should'nt, unless you promoted the Brexit. But the story is not finished yet. You will have to drink this cup of bitterness to the dregs.

Next step, Scotland will soon vote to leave UK, and return to EU. Its currency will become the euro... Second shake...

Well, future of England appears a bit dark.


The real shame is on those politicians who lied about the real consequences of this vote. I did not imagine that you could have worse politicians than what we have here in France, but they proved they can do it!!!



I don't trust a UK government to properly fund science. They don't have the vision.

Don't  expect anything better in France!!! Europe is a great help in this area (and in some others). Europe needs to be changed to better serve it citizens, but leaving it means just going backwards, with a huge work and a little chance to get back on par.



Anyway, good luck. British people demonstrated that they can come to the end of such adversity.



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Watching from far away Australia it seems to me there has been such a negative reaction to the reality of what has been done that I began to wonder whether the Brexit will end up happening at all. Especially with the potential loss of Scotland from the UK.

Also watching from here the European political discussions seem relatively mature to the childish nonsense we put up with in Australia.


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I was very suprised and also saddend by the result.

However given GB is no longer "with us" I begin to wish for a Swedish referendum as well.

There are many great reasons to be a member but obvious corruption isnt one of them.

Also, I'm bothered of all countries not willing to help out refugees. In particular (for that and antidemocratic tendencies also) ashamed for having poland and hungary as members.

So I'm not so sure anymore.

Perhaps the brexit can lead to some selfreflection from the leaders at least.



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