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  1. Hi, I have no problems with running Ascom 6.5 SP1, but don't take this as a guarantee that it will work 100%. It often depends on your Windows and the installed updates if all is running smoothly. Regards
  2. What are the difficulties that you are facing?
  3. I strongly recommend to talk to ASA support directly before doing this. I'm sure they will give assistance and helpt to do that without harming the mount.
  4. The latest version should support Win XP without problems. You will find the latest version here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7VuwIiNBZw2QzFtblFZVjVZaVk I think you will need the FTDI driver as well, this should be the right driver: https://ftdichip.com/drivers/
  5. My DDM 85 was running perfectly unter Win XP. Intall all the needed driver, there should be no problem.
  6. Hi Christer, I would be also interested in your project. Please put me also on your list Regards Michael
  7. I think you won't have problems with you 8 inch APO. 🙂 ASA has a great support team, just reach out to them directly if you need help. They do also remote sessions to get everything up and running. The forum is more a ASA customer helping each other and not contantly motored by ASA.
  8. Hi Dan, The ASA DDM itself is working extremely well unguided. Problems that happen are mostly found in the used telescope or bad balancing. If the error is constant, the ASA mount can compensate it by using MLPT. Be sure that your telescope has no jumping mirror shift, unstable imaging train, or any loose parts. Best regards, Michael
  9. Re-coating depends on the current quality. I have seen mirrors much older than 10 years and they are still in good conditions. Often mirrors are just dirty so a careful cleaning with alcohol and distilled water is enough to get a great result. It's hard to say anything about it without seeing the mirror. Could you show us a photo from your mirror? Michael
  10. Are you running the programs with admin rights? From time to time, running them not with admin rights, it causes strange behavior.
  11. Hi Waldemar, Thank you for sharing the details. That looks like a great and stable solution, I think we will go with it Regards Michael
  12. Thank you all for your responses I thought it might be easy like a plug and play replacement. There is no certain reason for the upgrade to USB 3. Most stuff is still USB 2 but I made the experience that USB 3 is more stable than USB 2 and since my CCD is running on USB 3 and I have dismounted my RC for doing some improvements, I thorough it could be a good idea to use this chance to upgrade. @Waldemar I think I will go with your solution. Have you also connected the mount directly into the DS600 so that your PC is controlling the your DDM? What are you connecting with the Lumberg 8 connector? Regards Michael PS: @Vaud welcome
  13. Hi, Has someone done an upgrade from the original build in USB hub in the ASA DDM 85 to a newer one with USB 3.0? If yes, which one have you used? Thanks Michael
  14. Hi We currently have a problem with our dome automation but I need to do a new pointing file. I know there was a setting to tell Sequenz to manually confirm before doing the next image. Please can some tell me where I can find it? CS, Michael
  15. MichiP

    NGC 6744

    Nice image Mark
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