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  1. Hi Dan, The ASA DDM itself is working extremely well unguided. Problems that happen are mostly found in the used telescope or bad balancing. If the error is constant, the ASA mount can compensate it by using MLPT. Be sure that your telescope has no jumping mirror shift, unstable imaging train, or any loose parts. Best regards, Michael
  2. Re-coating depends on the current quality. I have seen mirrors much older than 10 years and they are still in good conditions. Often mirrors are just dirty so a careful cleaning with alcohol and distilled water is enough to get a great result. It's hard to say anything about it without seeing the mirror. Could you show us a photo from your mirror? Michael
  3. Hi Thomas, thank you this was what I was looking for. BR, Michael
  4. Hello, I need some help with this problem. I want to center an object on the ccd chip by clicking on the image to tell the mount move telescope here. It is working, but it always moves the telescope too far. I think I have to give Maxim the information about CCD chip pixel size and dimensions but I can't find the correct place to enter them. Thank you Regards, Michael
  5. Hi Luke, we still trying to solve the problem with Jacek, but sometimes people who are own the dome are fast or have better solutions for problems
  6. Hello, does someone use a ScopeDome Dome and uses automated dome tracking so the dome follows automatically the scope on a bent pier? I'm having some poiting issues that the dome is not checking on which side the telescope is facing the sky. Any ideas to solve this? Best regards, Michael
  7. Hi Chrstian, I'm using Win 7 64x with the latest Ascom and the latest Sequenz and AutoSlew Versions. Since I took away the the admin hook, everything is running absolutely perfect and smooth. I made a complete all sky Autopoint with Sequenz and 110 Images and it worked great. Hi Christer, I was not able to make any connection till I removed the hook for starting AutoSlew as Admin. I'm running the latest build for Sky X Prof. and still had this issue. Perhaps Philipp Keller know what the problem could be. He recommend to start Autosew and Sequenz with admin privilege.
  8. I found the damn problem which took me two perfect nights DO NOT RUN AUTOSLEW WITH ADMIN PRIVILEGE!!!! I remembered that I read that it is suggested to run Autoslew with admin privilege to avoid trouble. So I configured the program to start always with this. In fact, this made the trouble. I put the hook away and everything was running without any trouble. Not sure if I should be angry about my self or being happy for finding the solution. I think I will make the decision tomorrow when I see if there are stars or clouds above my observatory. Regards, Michael
  9. Hello, when I choose "Generic hub" I get the error Failed to load driver: "Hub.Telescope" Any idea how to solve this? In the meantime I have uninstalled Ascom and made an new install with Ascom 6.2 but nothing changed AND WE HAVE A GREAT PERFECT SKY!!! :( BR Michael
  10. Hi Dietmar, I used this manual, but it doesn't work. It get this error:Failed to load driver: "Hub. Telescope" Any idea what it is? BR, Michael
  11. Hi Thomas, Need to test it with direct connection. I used Win XP before and it was working very well. Perhaps this will solve the problem. Regards Michael
  12. Hello, after a few years I had to make a new Windows installation of my control PC my observatory. It seems that I have forgotten to do something very important because I can't connect The Sky 6 or The Sky X with the mount. All latest updates are installest, also the Teleapi driver. As telescope I have selected "Telescope API" in Sky 6. In the settings I tried it with every entry but I always get errors like this This are my possible selections. Any idea why might be the problem? I'm sure I'm just missing something. Regards, Michael
  13. Hello, we have the oportunity to be a small part on an ESA project which makes it necesarry to track satelites. I did it ages ago and it seems that I forgett something. I'm connecting The Sky X Prof. with Autoslew, choose a Satelite click on tracking, the scope moves to the satelite bit it doesn't follow it. When the slew is finished, The Sky show me this error: "This command is not supported: Error = 11000" I have no idea why it doesn't work. Is there a other way to track satelites with the DDM? Any idea welcome BR, Michael
  14. Hi Wojtek, hmm... I think you should make a reinstall of the latest AutoSlew Beta. I have installed it too and it's working very well. No problems with it. Michael
  15. I don't know if it's absolutely necessary to get an ASA original pier, but it's definitely a master peace of quality. As far as I know, we have the biggest version ever build of this pier and it's working very well. Although it's so big, you can make an exact alignment to north and level it. To get an impression of the size, I'm 1,81m
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